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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Site Statistics - May 30, 2007

As of today, continues to grow and more importantly has begun to stabilize in the search engines results, something we are pleased to see. So with that said, what are the stats?

The Google search engine currently recognizes 264 pages, recognizes 25 active pages mostly higher level pages, and the Yahoo Search Site Explore recognizes our top two page-levels. In short, our pages are currently optimized for Google but we are slowly being distributed throughout the rest of the web.

Yet we still have not showed up in the Directory Listings, but the site submittal process through the Dmoz project can take several months to propagate a site thread throughout the directory listings. We’ll keep an eye on this.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Site Maintenance and Broken / Unresponsive Link Report

Over this Memorial Day weekend holiday our office has conducted site wide maintenance while our site traffic was expected to be slow, yet surprisingly we noticed our visits were up throughout the morning. Apparently many of our visitors were also utilizing this time off to work on their careers, so with that in mind we postponed various site maintenance activities.

However, we did run our usual weekly link report and noticed an increasing in timeout reports from various servers, possibility undergoing weekend maintenance too. Overall, 96.90% of reporting URL’s were active, with 2.23% timed-out links and the remaining 0.87% resulting from external host server errors.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Military Career Resource Section Improved

Originally the Military Career Resource Section was specifically focused within the topics of military transitioning into the civilian career market. Although with many of our web site pages, as content continue to develop we will continually expand those resources we provide. So with that, we have restructured the military transition section into an overall military careers section, adding to this section a military organizations segment which is currently under development.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Web Browser Usage Report

Approximately half our visitors are using Internet Explore as their browser of choice, with Netscape and/or a Netscape equivalent browser accounting for approximately twenty percent of usage during the month of May 2007. is currently optimized for all current versions of IE. We however did notice a slight formatting error when viewing our site using the Firefox Browser, but this formatting inconsistency is minor and does not affect the overall content, hence a low priority for now. Overall, we will continue to optimize our site for the three most used browsers; Internet Explore, Fire Fox, and Netscape Compatible.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

URL Link Report for

Total URL external and internal link reporting from January 1, 2007 thru May 21, 2007 for The time period October 2006 thru December 2006 we implemented a redesign of our site which skewed the link numbers during that quarter, which has been omitted from this report. As of May 21, 2007 the total active URL Links is 1,355 and growing each day. Our goal is to break the 3,000 link milestone by August, which given our current rate of growth appears feasible.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Number of Pages on Crawled per Day

Another site stat for
The Googlebot on average is crawling approximately 27 pages per day on our site. Currently we have right around 315 pages uploaded on our sever, not including any form processing php script files. The spike in March we've determined was a mass upload earlier that month of our Education and Training Resources section which had the spider hitting all of these pages within the same week.

Googlebot Page Craw Time Rating

As our site has grown we’ve seen a steady normalizing of the Googlebot page craw time rating in milliseconds. On average, Googlebot is using approximately 355ms of bandwidth on our server for its crawling activity for