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Thursday, April 1, 2010

This blog has been fairly quiet in the past few months, but there are a lot of activities going on behind the scenes. From a 12,000 mile three month business trip around the U.S. to various web site testing and development, I’ve been extremely busy. Although here’s the scoop:

As of today April 1, Seneea is now the Seneea Corporation, a Nevada domestic corporation that I will be conducting business activities under this name; everything from my professional electromagnetics consulting, to web content and product development, etc.

I’m toying around with an idea of a news media site called News-History-Event that will examine historical news pieces and the aftereffect of the news event. Who knows where this will go, but it is also a platform I’m using to crank up my knowledge of WordPress and Twitter. Here are a few stories I added to the site today:

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation to Cut Jobs
Antarctica Expedition Returns Home

I’m still continuing my efforts with Free Class Notes Online, but let’s be honest here. I love the technology and providing this content to my audience. Although it is a very narrow focus and after two years of effort and well over a thousand hours of development, my return on investment of time is really poor. So, unless there is specific feedback on what people want, my efforts on this site will be limited as I work other efforts.

There’s a lot more going on but that’s a quick summary of the recent highlights. Now that all the business startup activities are behind me I’ll be posting more often on this blog.
Cheers all. -Brian