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Monday, August 31, 2009

Topics in RF Harmonics

Homework problems and an in class quiz on the topic of harmonics and rectangular waveforms Fourier series calculations are now available as part of the communications systems course. Computations relating to duty cycle, nth harmonic, and frequency spectrum plotting are performed. The links to these pages are: Harmonics Homework, and Harmonics Quiz.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

August 09 Visitors Source for

Individual visitor hits for the month of August 2009 are slightly down to just over 2000 for the month, minus the two days early I’m posting this metrics. With the site transition and many western educational systems on holiday the slight drop in visitor hits is expected. Happily, my hits are up a bit in countries such as India which is a nice plus.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Waveguide and Microstrip Solutions Now Available

Continuing with the current trend of working on the course solutions for Microwave Fundamentals, an electrical / electronics engineering undergraduate course topic, two homework assignments have been uploaded. Homework #6 focuses on waveguide problems specific to rectangular waveguides, while homework #7 focuses on microstrip problems. Each homework assignment provides the original homework question and solution on attached pages. The top-level page addresses for each assignment are: Waveguides Homework and Microstrip Lines Homework.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Microwave Fundamentals Examination Added

Just added is the first exam for the Microwave Engineering course dealing with transmission lines, smith charts, reflections and standing waves, normalized values, antenna lengths, and phase velocity.

Microwave Fundamentals Exam
Examination Solutions, Page 1
Examination Solutions, Page 2
Examination Solutions, Page 3
Examination Solutions, Page 4

Work continues on the transition from ClassNotes123 to FreeClassNotesOnline which is on track to be transitioned over by October first 09. On a more personal note, a slight mishap last week on my end did slow any site work over the last week; I slightly perforated my eardrum on the last of four days of scuba diving, ouch! Cheers all. -Brian

Thursday, August 13, 2009

EE Courses Main and Linked Pages Moved

As part of the transition of page content to FreeClassNotesOnline, the process of moving pages over and linking back to older pages with a Moved notice has begun. The course and laboratory pages we have pulled over to date are:

AC Circuit Analysis
Analog Integrated Circuits
Circuit Branch Analysis Exam 2
Circuit Impedance Analysis Exam 1
Circuit Resonance Exam 3
Communications Systems Exam 1
Communication Systems
Communication Systems Quiz 2
DC Circuit Analysis
DC Circuit Analysis Lab
Digital Logic
Digital Logic Lab
Digital Multimeter Basics
Digital Systems
Electronic Safety
Introduction to Electronics Lab
Introduction to Microcontrollers
Linear and Non Linear Resistance Lab
Microprocessor Systems
Microprocessor Systems Lab
Microwave Fundamentals
Microwave Waveguide Quiz
Network Analysis
Parallel Circuits Lab
Purely Resistive Circuit
Resistance Measurement
Resistor Basics
RF Communications Exam 2
Series Circuit Lab
Series Parallel Circuit Lab

Microwave Fundamentals Homework Solutions

Just added, four block homework assignments and solutions for the electrical engineering upper level microwave engineering course. These homework assignments cover transmission line theory, line propagation, reflections, standing waves, and smith charts. A transmission line quiz has also been added. The page locations are:

Transmission Line Theory
Transmission Lines
Line Propagation
The Smith Chart
Transmission Line Quiz

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 is converting to

There has been some debate about making the switch, but it was determined for the longevity of the site, it was best to make the switch now for a number of critical reasons. First and foremost I’m going through the current site on, updating and converting all the pages to xhtml. While I’m making this change and correcting a number of coding errors between browsers, the switch will have the least impact now. It just makes sense.

One of the biggest reasons behind the switch is largely impart to the search engines word search and ranking based on the combination of words. Let’s be blunt here, it all comes down to traffic and ranking and this switch, theoretically should improve both my traffic and ranking. Also, all blog entries for the new site (old site just converted over), will generate from the Seneea Weblog located on Blogger. There are more key reason’s why I’m making this change but I’ll share those in a follow on post. But for now, you will start to see pages on ClassNotes123 showing up on This conversion is scheduled to be completed by October 1, 2009. As I reach a point where a percentage of pages are converted over, I’ll start to replace those pages on ClassNotes123 with official, “This Page Has Been Moved” links in replace of the original content. These pages will remain online through September 2010 to assist in the conversion. Wish me luck. Cheers all. -Brian