Thursday, May 31, 2012

Website Revisions and Old Site Updates

Blogging and website development. Wordpress, Blogger, Support Wiki. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! And let's not forget the onslaught of social media!

It seems in this new era of the internet online world its becoming almost impossible to keep up with the rapid changes, new features every platform seems to introduce each week, let alone keeping up with your own site development. Uggg! Yes that was a minor vent of frustration. Ok better now!

Honestly, it's been sometime sense I've posted on this Blogger platform but I'm back. My primary use for this blog will be to record webmaster activities for the Seneea Corporation and its product lines. The primary site, blog will discuss company news and business updates, activities, etc...

The challenge right now will be to locate any bad links pointing to nowhere, some from dead pages, others from site name changes that happened years back (yep, found a bunch of these old posts that need updating).

So if you're a tech geek or just someone interesting in site stats and so forth, stay tune.

Friday, July 29, 2011

College Cost Articles for College Students

With colleges and universities about to start up again for the fall semester or term of 2011, we wanted to take a quick look at a few helpful articles recently published on CollegeAdmissionSecretsExposed.

Scraping by as a student is challenging enough so with a little knowledge and ways to maximize your student dollar, you can breathe a little easier while keeping your focus on your classes.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New E-Book gives College Applicants the inside track on Admissions

A fantastic new E-Book has been launched for prospective College applicants that provides the most effective techniques to get into the college of their choice, save money and build their skills base and learning portfolio too.

College Admission Secrets Exposed available instantly from College Admission Secrets Exposed provides a comprehensive, easy-to-follow series of strategies, ideas and facts to give students the best possible chance of getting into the college of their choice and enhancing their career and life success prospects.

With over 17.5 million college students already enrolled in America today and the average College graduate earning $20,000 a year more than a high school graduate – that’s over $900,000 more in a lifetime*, competition for college entry has never been fiercer. College Admission Secrets Exposed will level the playing field for students that feel they don’t have the right connections, financial backing or SAT scores to enroll in their dream course, college or university.

The information covered in College Admission Secrets Exposed describes an alternative ways to gain entry into college by going around a College Administration Department; how to pay up to 50% less for College; how to bypass a low SAT score; how to maximize a GPA; how to receive nearly all class resources for free and much more!

The book is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android and most eReaders and can be downloaded right now from College Admissions Assistance Online for only $23.09, a special rate for students hoping to enroll in the fall 2011 semesters.

The free website College Admission Secrets Exposed also provides a wealth of information, resources, articles and advice on college life, opinions, studying secrets, financial planning guidance and many other situations that students will encounter both on and off campus.

College Admissions Secrets Exposed free articles are equally useful and valuable to students hoping to enroll on online study courses as well as physical campuses around the country.

Crucially, the website also provides real testimonials from former students who gained their places on courses through the information contained within the eBook.

Studying for your dream college degree is a life-changing and enhancing experience, a true fork in the road for any prospective student hoping to better their situation and prospects but current College Admissions Systems can put up too many perceived barriers and walls.

College Admission Secrets Exposed is the instantly downloadable and available map through this maze of College and University entry requirements and submissions along with much more. A constant and wise companion for two or four year college programs. Studying for a degree at College is one of the most affirming experiences anyone can have in their lives yet many students allow themselves to be intimidated out of applying.

They think that their home situation, family dynamics, poor credit, remote location and academic record will count against them. College Admission Secrets Exposed is the electronic failsafe against these self-defeating attitudes. Download it today for the exceptionally low cost $23.09 and by tomorrow you could be planning your new study schedule and revision timetables.

The College Admission Secrets Exposed eBook and website will be the most valuable reference tools you will use during your College learning career but you have to take advantage of them and their instant availability now. Admissions places are filling up fast and the longer you delay, the harder it will be to sign-up, even with the prime advantages and knowledge that College Admission Secrets Exposed will give you.

Go to the website, read some of the articles, download the eBook and take the first steps on a journey to a brighter and better future and career. You are only a click away!

*Figures from US Census Bureau

Saturday, June 4, 2011

College Life Articles for May 2011

This April our new article writer Astrid compiled a number of helpful college life articles and college information topics for The website's mission and overall objective is to provide helpful and informative topics related to college life, student challenges, and timely news pieces our student readers will find helpful. For the month of May (and one back at the end of April) there were eight specific articles covering everything from Fraternity Hazing, Succeeding with Online Classes, and How to Maximize your Federal Student Loans just to name a few. Here are direct links to each:

Fraternity Hazing
How Much Money is Your Bachelors Degree Worth
8 Tips for Succeeding in Online Classes
How to Determine Accredited Colleges or Universities
Maximize Your Federal Student Aid
Massachusetts Investigates For Profit Colleges
Sallie Mae Cuts Private Student Loan Rates
Six Tips for Finding the Best College Professors for You

In the coming months we will continue to provide helpful student information and college life articles as we prepare for the up coming fall 2011 academic year.

New Author and Article Writer Welcome

The Seneea Corporation is pleased to announce our warmest welcome to Astrid, our newest Article Author and Contributor for Astrid comes to us as a recent college graduate with a strong background in English composition and direct college life experience. As both a student and recent graduate, Astrid's personal success and challenges with student life will prove highly valuable as an author for our free student resource on College Admission Secrets Exposed. Please join us in welcoming Astrid to our team.

Friday, May 20, 2011

College Admissions eBook Website Revised

Last August we launched our website College Admission Secrets Exposed to promote the eBook publication of the same name. Initially and in all honesty, the site was juvenile at best. So in recent months we had a revision of the marketing web site, graphics, ebook covers, and blog content for the site. After months of rework we are pleased to report that the additions and revisions have now been completed with a few minor items still outstanding. Along with our publication updates we additionally made changes to the primary website hosting our eBook, which can be found at

Built on a custom WordPress theme platform, the blog and site layout is designed to accomplish two goals. 1) To provide free student advice for current and prospective college and university students through our blog entries, articles and commentaries. 2) To provide a platform to market and promote our eBook on how to get into college with College Admission Secrets Exposed.

Additionally, we have been working with our other sites to consolidate our United States University and College, by state database which we are publishing on the site as a free resource for our visitors.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Article List of Job Search Tips and Strategies

For the last few months we have been producing a number unique and relevant articles specifically related to Job Search Tips and Strategies. To date, this topic is by far the most talked about topic primarily do to the current economic situation and high unemployment. Other topics focusing on Career Success and Job Security round out the top three, to date most discussed topics on Below is a grouping of direct links to each of the articles relating to job searching tips and job search strategies.

Commuting to a New Job Opportunity
Job Search Engines Are Not Equal
Find a Job – Energize a Stagnant Job Search Tips
Using a Career Center for your Job Search
Job Interview Tips - Prepare Questions in Advance
Need a Job - Using Job Search Engines
Job Search Strategies while Employed - Tips and Secrets Revealed
Use the Newspaper Jobs and Employment Classifieds
Job Hunting is Hard but Jobs ARE Out There
How to get an Edge on Your Job Search
Job Application Process, The Perfect Job - Part 3
Job Descriptions and Duties - The Perfect Job, Part 2
Job Descriptions and Duties - The Perfect Job, Part 1
How to Prepare for a Job Interview - Tips and Questions
Job Hunting? Do More Than Email Resumes and Wait
Job Hunting Tips and Resume Writing Help
Resume Writing Secrets You Will Discover

In the coming months more topics will be added and those popular topics relating to resume writing and job hunting will continue to be discussed. Feel free to join in on the conversation, make comments or suggestions. Cheers all, -Brian.