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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Web Site Market Reach

As we continued our marketing campaign discussions throughout the week, we recognized that our name presence reaches 2,210 independent web pages where the web site name “” appears on or has a link back to our site.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Expanding Online Advertising Campaign

Over the past few weeks we started to explore various online advertising marketing campaigns beyond the Google Adwords Campaign for we are currently running to expand our market reach and diversity our marketing strategies beyond the standard Google resources. We’re currently evaluating such avenues as the Alexa Toolbar, Yahoo Search Marketing, the StumbleUpon Toolbar, and Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions - Search Advertising.

Currently we have built much of our traffic by simply word-of-mouth and Adword Campaigns. Our Adword Campaigns which are relatively small, typically running one or two ad campaigns per week at a minimum of cost typically generate approximately 1200 ad impressions per day. The overall strategy for the next two weeks is to evaluate which marketing options would best suit our needs and increase our site traffic to new customers, and implementing these strategies on or about the first of July.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Workplace & Employee Related Topics Update

As we continue to make updates and revisions to our site, several employment law sections have been updated in recent days to include such topics as employee dress codes, noncompetition agreements, and workers compensation insurance. These and other sections will continually be added and revised, and content development continues throughout our site. In other news, we are currently in the process of revamping the Google Adsense ads and ad placements on our site which was prompted by a few slight format changes implemented by Google’s ads. This however does not affect our sites content; it only slightly affects the visual rendering for some ads on those pages which have not been updated yet.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Something Up In Virginia

Over the last two months, April and May 2007 we noticed an increased number of information requests, to include internal site searches, with Virginia and Virginia Workers Compensation as the topic of interest. More importantly we noticed this trend seemed to resonate from many IP addresses and at various times, implying mulitable users searching this same topic. About one-third of the requests were related to Virginia education institutions but an overwhelming two-thirds of the request were on Workers Compensation, suggesting that maybe something relating to that category has prompted employers in the Virginia market to visit our site. Granted we can not rule out the possibility that some college and/or university class was tasked with an assignment relating to Virginia and Workers Compensation, and that is driving up our traffic count in this area. Yet it was a unique find as we sifted through our demographics data.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

May 2007 Traffic Status Reporting Averages

During the month of May 2007 we continued to notice a growing trend of when and at what time the majority of our site visitors seem to hit our site. Given that we are a career resource web site, it is reasonable to assume the majority of our visitors are in the process of a career change or looking for ways to improve their career situation. Our site data seems to support this, with an increase of traffic following any given weekend with the average peek being Tuesdays followed by Wednesday. After some investigating into why we see this ramp up in the early part of the week, it was discovered that many job seekers become encouraged to seek new opportunities following a weekend and the first day back to work, usually being that Monday. In short, their frustration that Monday at their current employer seems to spark some level of employment or career advice action the following day, hence the spike on Tuesdays. We also noticed a ramp up on Fridays with a healthy traffic flow on Saturdays, again tracking career information seeking individual’s trend that may already be in the work place.

We also noticed the bulk of our traffic seems to come in during the evening hours further signifying the demographic of our visitors as employed individuals who are seeking career development information or may be in the process of a career change. A small percentage of individuals appear to hit our site in the morning hours which may signify an unemployed, part time, or second / third shift employee demographic.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Updated Sitemap Robots

After doing some investigating into a low page count rating on Seneea Site Indexes from non Google page search engines we discovered we had a slight error in our Sitemap Robots text file which has sense been corrected. Apparently we had left off the Sitemap: header which apparently caused several search engines to ignore our .xml sitemap files. Tonight after we wrap up our work for the evening we will rerun an updated .xml file for our site. The proper format for the sitemap robots text file is: Sitemap:

Which resides in our top level /public.html folder as a text file and addressed at:

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Educational Institutions U.S. Regions Page Added

To better server our visitors we segmented the College and University listings in both alphabetical and now by region. Using the regional and divisional segments established by the U.S. Census Bureau, each state is now represented in one of four regional areas.

The Northeast Region encompasses the New England and Mid Atlantic states. The Midwest Region includes those states in the East North Central and West North Central areas. The South Region encompasses the South Atlantic, East South Central, and West South Central divisions. Rounding out the list, the West Region takes in the Mountain and Pacific region. Please note, prior to June 1984 the Midwest Region was designated as the North Central Region.