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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Article List of Job Search Tips and Strategies

For the last few months we have been producing a number unique and relevant articles specifically related to Job Search Tips and Strategies. To date, this topic is by far the most talked about topic primarily do to the current economic situation and high unemployment. Other topics focusing on Career Success and Job Security round out the top three, to date most discussed topics on Below is a grouping of direct links to each of the articles relating to job searching tips and job search strategies.

Commuting to a New Job Opportunity
Job Search Engines Are Not Equal
Find a Job – Energize a Stagnant Job Search Tips
Using a Career Center for your Job Search
Job Interview Tips - Prepare Questions in Advance
Need a Job - Using Job Search Engines
Job Search Strategies while Employed - Tips and Secrets Revealed
Use the Newspaper Jobs and Employment Classifieds
Job Hunting is Hard but Jobs ARE Out There
How to get an Edge on Your Job Search
Job Application Process, The Perfect Job - Part 3
Job Descriptions and Duties - The Perfect Job, Part 2
Job Descriptions and Duties - The Perfect Job, Part 1
How to Prepare for a Job Interview - Tips and Questions
Job Hunting? Do More Than Email Resumes and Wait
Job Hunting Tips and Resume Writing Help
Resume Writing Secrets You Will Discover

In the coming months more topics will be added and those popular topics relating to resume writing and job hunting will continue to be discussed. Feel free to join in on the conversation, make comments or suggestions. Cheers all, -Brian.

Friday, March 4, 2011

How to Make a Site Map

Webpage site maps are still a great opportunity to provide the web spiders and robots while crawling your site a quick one stop map to identify your page hierarchy. Many sitemaps can be auto generated using basic link checking software like Xenu Link Checker (a program I highly recommend and use often). But all site maps look the same, so this time around I decided to change things up a bit by creating a page I call Resume Writing Tips and Resume Articles, which is directly linked to the index home page.

I did this specifically for because I wanted more then just a page call site map, and by putting the link text in my footer with the anchor text as "Resume Tips and Resume Articles". It not only allows this page to be associated with the link phrase but it seems to have more relevancy between the page name and the actual content provided. But then again, who knows. I still create and upload a sitemap.xml at least once a month to Google and put it in my root index for the web spiders to locate.

Teacher Resume - New Site Added

I just added a new website titled The intent is to use specific niche web sites as part of my marketing strategy for Now before anyone see this as an attempt to create a content farm site; our primary attempt is to provide quality content specific to the Teaching industry and Teacher as it pertains to their jobs and career field.

It will take time to build up our content and posts on the Teacher Resume site, but for now we are starting with major teaching career activities such as preschool and kindergarten, elementary, middle school, and high school. We will move into more college categories at some stage but our focus for the site for now is primarily on K-12 grades.