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Monday, December 20, 2010

Resume Writing Site Continues to Grow...

It's been just 10 days sense I updated the .xml sitemap file for Resume Advantage Pro after a major site overhaul. As it stands right now, Google is crawling an average of 8 pages per day, with a high if 32 with no html errors being reported. This past weekend I spent some time recoding a .php script to more accurately display each pages proper meta tag description, specifically the home index page. I have initiated an aggressive SEO linking campaign to start building page rank and the overall site reputation.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Career Articles and Sitemap for Resume Advantage Pro Uploaded

The most recent .xml resume sitemap has been uploaded this weekend to Google Webmaster tools for We're currently showing 30 URLs in the web index but sense we just started tracking this site statistics I don't currently have any current growth data or crawl stats. I have noticed a few keyword phrases starting to show up on page 1 of Google for a few longtail keywords but until I have a few months of SEO data to compare against I can’t at this stage make any predictions.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Site Maintenance, ShoppingCarts, and Membership Site updates for Resume Advantage Pro

We're back and in full swing. The Seneea Corporation has been challenged like so many in these tough economic times. But with the completely re-release of our successful Resume Writing Video Workshop Program, now completely available online our staff is happy to announce our resurgence in this marketplace.

Resume Advantage Pro or for some of us in the office who are referring to it as the Resume Advantage Professional 2.0 online video software and workbook program is now fully available. This week we've been working on a lot of integration issues so there has been a lot of site maintenance behind the scenes. We switched over to using Wordpress as our primary content management system (CMS) and integrating our sub-domains membership sites to Wishlist Member to handle all the site content security and file protection. We were using AWeber as our email Autoresponder and Clickbank from prior ebook accounts we had setup. But I'll be blunt here. Clickbank is a pain to do any real customization so we decided to switch over to 1ShoppingCart to provide a more robust solution. The best part is 1ShoppingCart integrates very well with Wishlist Member and it also has a good email Autoresponder built in. The 1ShoppingCart autoresponders are not at easy and attractive to use as Aweber, but at this stage it is not that big of an issue.

The major annoying problem was getting Clickbank billing page to show various line items for bundled products and split out a shipping cost. A huge headache with Clickbank! They say they'll accept physical products but it's a hassle so as Resume Advantage Pro and our other sites grow I want more options and it seems 1ShoppingCart will provide this.

There still is some work to be done on the maintenance aspect this weekend, all behind the scenes such as link checking, sitemaps, .xml uploads and more link building but for now we're off to a good start. I'm using Xenu Broken Link Report to check the links, an older program but one I've always been able to count on because the creators made it outstandingly simple (Thanks You Xenu). Beyond this I've been told our gateway is all setup and outside of a few test runs we're off and running.