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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Website Revisions and Old Site Updates

Blogging and website development. Wordpress, Blogger, Support Wiki. Google, Bing, and Yahoo! And let's not forget the onslaught of social media!

It seems in this new era of the internet online world its becoming almost impossible to keep up with the rapid changes, new features every platform seems to introduce each week, let alone keeping up with your own site development. Uggg! Yes that was a minor vent of frustration. Ok better now!

Honestly, it's been sometime sense I've posted on this Blogger platform but I'm back. My primary use for this blog will be to record webmaster activities for the Seneea Corporation and its product lines. The primary site, blog will discuss company news and business updates, activities, etc...

The challenge right now will be to locate any bad links pointing to nowhere, some from dead pages, others from site name changes that happened years back (yep, found a bunch of these old posts that need updating).

So if you're a tech geek or just someone interesting in site stats and so forth, stay tune.

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